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Coming in February 2024!

Group Coaching with the Fulfilling Career Formula

All the tools you need are in the fulfilling career formula

You’re not alone if you feel burned out, disengaged, or stuck in your career.

But guess what? There's a way out, and I'm launching a brand-new program designed just for YOU.

🚀 Introducing the Fulfilling Career Formula - Your Path to Remarkable Life!

The formula is:

  • Maximize your Usefulness
  • Minimize Your Obstacles
  • Maximize the Effort in applying both.

Our program offers a process, tools, and support to implement the Fulfilling Career Formula.

It includes:

✅  6-Month access to the program

✅  Weekly Group Coaching Sessions (Two regularly scheduled 1.5-hour sessions)

✅  Private Support Community with fellow highly motivated members

✅  360° Fulfillment course - "How" to implement the Fulfilling Career Formula

All of this is meant to help you:

  • Escape burnout and rekindle your passion for work.
  • Break free from career stagnation and unlock your full potential.
  • Design a fulfilling career that aligns with your interests, values, goals, and dreams.
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Kathy Duprey

Ian is very committed to High Performance Coaching, and it is very apparent in his one-on-one sessions. He brings a genuine tone of engagement that focuses on my unique interest that I want to develop. Ian provides a respectful and productive working relationship while meeting me where I am in pursuit of my goal. I have learned realistic steps of action to take in my daily effort to develop my idea into a business, with the use of his considerate tools and endless encouragement. Ian is an amazingly well-rounded and resourceful mentor and I’m grateful for the opportunity to benefit from his skill set.

Malia Jorgensen

I recently had the opportunity to spend 12 weeks being coached by Ian Coletti. One of the biggest insights he highlighted immediately through our coaching, was that I had limited my goal setting to career goals only and lived more in the moment in my personal life. I have started making small changes at home so that both my career and my personal goals are aligned. All in all, Ian was great to work with. He asked insightful questions each week that required me to dig deep and think about my true answers. I highly encourage anyone who is curious about coaching to give Ian a try. You will be pleased with the process as it’s a great opportunity to help you become a high-performer.

Amy Osler

I had the pleasure of working with Ian at Zipwhip. Ian was instrumental in developing and managing our enterprise-level clients. Ian was counted as a valued partner and subject matter expert throughout our organization. He drove high-performance results both from his team and from those that supported the team. With his extensive experience and background, Ian will make an excellent high-performance coach.